How to Buy Cheap Diamonds

14Cheap and diamonds, perhaps, are one of those words closest to an unofficial oxymoron. Having said that, cheapness is rather a relative term, and if you know how to buy diamonds, you can get significant savings. Here are some basic recommendations that will help you get the best and cheapest deals without getting ripped off.

Tip # 1: Know your prices
Knowing the price of diamonds is a high order, as the prices for diamonds are very different, like the diamonds themselves, but if you want to get a good deal, you simply can not afford not to know. A good place to start is to research online for price ranges, as well as visiting jewelers who ask for prices and speak the diamond language.

Tip # 2: find out your 4Cs
This is useful because you can cheaply buy diamonds by lowering in areas that make huge differences in costs but do not result in a noticeable reduction in your diamond. Here’s how you do it with each of the 4Cs

• Cut – do not compromise the quality of the cut. Whatever type of diamond, you do not want to lower the quality of cutting, otherwise, your diamond will be not only cheap but also cheap.

• Colour. Here, a few depressions do not have a noticeable effect on the appearance of the diamond. Therefore, you can lower the ratings below.

• Clarity. Here, too, clarity does not have a noticeable effect on the brilliance of the diamond. Thus, you can lower it until the diamond is transparent (not visible to the naked eye).

• Karat – a trick with a karat is that every time a karat jumps by a whole number or the exact half of an integer, prices also jump significantly. So always buy a karat, which is just the shy karat you are looking for. For example, instead of buying 1.0 or 0.50 karats, buy 0.95 or 0.45 karats, respectively.


Tip # 3: Know when to buy
Another useful factor that you can take advantage of to buy cheap diamonds is to know when the discount periods are for a particular diamond or, for that matter, any diamond. For example, if you want to buy diamond cuts in the shape of a heart, the best time is to get them right after Valentine’s Day, when they are sold at great discounts.

Tip # 4: Know what you are looking at
Cleaning lean shops and pawn shops for cheap diamonds is another viable option if you have the time and are knowledgeable about diamonds. With luck, you can even get a deal for life.

• If you want to buy cheap diamonds, you should understand that you are the main target for fraudulent proposals there, so the keyword here means “do not trust anyone and check everything.”
• And be aware of diamonds to avoid fraud.
• If you want to buy cheap diamonds, they will most likely not be returned, so carefully study them and then buy.